Apiary Boost Pattie Recipe Guide

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  • Take desired amount of Apiary Boost
  • One Part Apiary Boost to One part sugar
  • (Example: 1kg Apiary Boost powder to 1 kg sugar)
  • Mix thoroughly and set aside
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Prepare Sugar Syrup:

Example: 2kg of sugar to 1 Litre Hot water and mix.

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Prepare Apiary Boost Patties:

  • Slowly pour and stir sugar syrup into Apiary Boost that was set aside (May need to use hands) until desired consistency is achieved (hamburger rissoles consistency)
  • Roll pattie size in hands and place on baking paper or into container of choice.
  • Let Patties rest for 24 hours.
  • Ready to feed!

Refrigerate unused patties (long shelf life) Patties also freeze well

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