Apiary Boost

Our Vision:
To be Australia’s most dependable choice for Bee food supplement supply. Apiary Boost for Commercial, small batch, niche and medicinal beekeepers, not forgetting the enthusiastic hobbyist

Apiary Boost is the Complete bee food supplement:

  • Perfect micron size for bee uptake -98% pass rate
  • Made with premium quality Ingredients
  • 42% crude protein
  • 100% plant-based
  • No GMO products used
  • Pesticide free
  • Contains no pollen and no pollen is needed for bee attractant
  • 24-month shelf life when stored in a cool dry environment
  • Created by a professor of Entomology
  • Global product research and development tested over 13 years
  • International partnerships for sustainability
  • No Bee… No world!
Harnessing nature to nurture and enhance the life of a bee. All the good stuff with none of the nasties... Apiary Boost
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Apiary Boost

Successfully addresses and solves two of the most common problems where other bee food supplements have failed:

  1. One of the most exciting features of Apiary boost is the small micron size of the powder, this enables 98% effective uptake which significantly reduces the waste of powder left behind by the bees when dry feeding.
  2. Apiary Boost remains usable even when conditions are misjudged by the beekeeper resulting in crust formation. The crust is easily broken by the bees when continuing to feed on Apiary Boost as required.


Apiary Boost can be used as a dry feed or to make patties. The bees go crazy for the patties, click on the recipe for directions 'Open feeding' Apiary Boost is the preferred method as it mitigates the risk of small hive beetle laying if your living in a warmer state like Queensland.
Apiary Boost Pattie Recipe Guide
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payment and delivery
To qualify for a bulk order the minimum purchase is 500KG

Phone or text for for Pick-up details. 

Steve 0402 018 963 
Brett 0439 180 405 
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